• 2018.03.15 Launch 【Shea&Nature PLUS】 series at retailersNEW
    2017.11.08 Launch 【kouji hime】Fase mask YuzuNEW
    2017.09.13 Launch 【kouji hime】Skin lotionNEW
    2017.09.01On Sep. 1st (Fri), the office was relocated to the 5th floor of Ebisu KD Bldg., 1-11-15 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya ward, Tokyo. TEL No. +81-3-3711-3488.
    2017.02.03 Launch 【kouji hime】Fase wash & Cleansing water
    2017.01.20 Relaunch our website
    2016.08.09 Launch 【kouji hime】Fase mask
    2016.03.07 Launch 【SHEA&NATURE】Body soap
    2016.03.07 Launch 【Handy baby】 All in one oil jelly & Enzyme powder wash
  • Past topics
    • 2015.10.15Launch【pensary】Natural lip stick
      2015.09.08Launch 【kouji hime】Fase gel & Face pack
      2015.09.08Launch 【SHEA&NATURE】Alcohol gel & Moist Balm
      2015.08.03Launch 【le granature】Body milk and Hair oil
      2015.03.04Launch 【SHEA&NATURE】Body spray and UVGel
      2015.02.20Launch 【Cherry Bon Bon】Cherry Bon Bon cheeks and Lip cream
      2015.02.20Launch 【le granature】le granature hair oil springflower
      2014.10Launch【pensary】pensary white handcream
      2014.09Pre launch 【le granature】le granature hair oilmist
      2014.07Open 【le granature】le granature brand site
      2014.04Launch【pensary】pensary lip serum
      2014.08Launch 【le granature】hairoil and hairmilk
      2013.12Launch 【eclat de bouquet】 eclat de bouquet
      2013.08Launch 【Handy baby】 Eau de cologne
      2013.04On Apr. 15th (Mon), the office was relocated to the 8th floor of Arms One Bldg, 1-18-4 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya ward, Tokyo. No change the phone & fax number. The new office is at the next of Ebisu-Kohen park, 2-minute walk from the office use to be. 
      2012.08 Launch 【Handy baby】 Honey lip essence rose pink
      2011.04【ChecKASS】ritsuWe provided “ChecKass (mouse wash water)” for supporting of "Beauty" disaster prevention can (goods assortment for women) sending activity to the stricken area by Research Center for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University 
      2011.02Launch 【Handy baby】 face powder
      2011.01Sponsor to 「TRAP STARZ Presents TOKYO STYLE BIG BANG」 by the name of 【Handy baby】
      2010.08Launch 【Handy baby】 Honey lip essence
      2010.02Launch 【KaLON】 KURO peeling gel S and KURO soap
      2010.01Launch 【skin recipe】 beauty skin lotion (11 types)
      2009.08Launch 【Handy baby】 hand bubble treatment
      2009.06Launch 【gossip girl】 hair cologne (2 types)
      2009.05Sponsor to 「MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2009」 by the name of 【gossip girl】
      2009.01Start pre-selling 【KaLON】 Make Lab at Natural Lawson
      2009.01Press release on 【KaLON】 Make Lab collaboration with Oscer promotion
      2008.12Launch 【gossip girl】, new brand, fragrance mist (2types)
      2008.10Start selling 【H COSMETIC】products in Korea
      2008.07Launch 【KaLON】, new brand, KURO peeling gel
      2008.07Start selling 【H COSMETIC】 products in both Taiwan and Hong Kong
      2008.04Launch 【H COSMETIC】 series at retailers
      2008.03Launch 【ChecKass】 Mouth wash water
      2007.10Open H-COSMETICS web shopping site
      2007.04Started planning and selling original brands’ products
      2006.08Established the company


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