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After the hard days, shea & nature plus allay your fatigue with gentle body care. Contains selected high quality organic shea butter and you can use items for delicate or kids' skin. Like taking care of what you eat, you can take care of what you put on your skin with shea & nature plus.

  • Whip Body Form NEW
  • Multi Body Balm NEW
  • Moist UV Gel
  • Surfactant-free and skin-care fomula botanical UV gel. With adopting new technology, we achieved the surfactant-free and skin-care fomula. Moisuture particle veil your skin and protect from external stress. (150g)
  • Cool Body Gel
  • Feel cool and refresh your body and mind cool body gel. Cool body gel contains moisture capsulas and they moisturize corneal layer of epidemis. Skin-care fomula and you can use this with your kids together. Keeps cool feeling for a while gently.(150g)
  • Body Care Scrub
  • Exfoliate with triple scrub body care scrub. Contains triple scrub, sugar, salt and apricot, tighten your skin and make it soft and smooth. Also contains 6 botanical oils, you can care your body skin by massaging. Easy and perfect for body care with this!(150g)