Original Skincare Series『KOUJIHIME』
The Power of Kouji For a 'Beautiful Woman's' Bare Skin.

Skin care line contains secret ingredients of Japanese beauty, rice malt.
Rice malt is one of healthy and traditional ingredients in Japan.

Continuing to protect the skin
of the Japanese 'Traditional Beauty Components'

Kouji is mold grown on rice, and is one of raw materials used in Japanese sake. The reason why the sake making craftsmen, the 'Touji' chief brewers have white and beautiful hands in spite of the fact they work with water is because of the skin beautifying effects in the kouji mold which they handle frequently.

Skin beautifying components of kouji

This product is prepared with just that kouji extract, overflowing with skin beautifying components. The use of the product on your hands will bring your hands beautiful supple skin with transparency, just like that of the 'Touji'

Another secret of beautiful skin

Japanese sake, made with kouji as a raw material, also features superior skin beautifying effects. This product also includes ingredients derived from Japanese sake.

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The rarity value the Kouji has
Making 'Kouji (rice malt)' is the most important process in brewing Japanese Sake. The quality of Sake depends on how good the Kouji-making process is. Kouji has a high rarity value since it must be made in a limited time, and quantity is limitted as well. We searched everywhere for a Sake brewery that offers the highest quality of Kouji which is made by the hand of a Touji (chief brewer). We encountered one traditional Sake brewery called 'Nabedana,' that strives after 'creating Sake with character by themselves,' with carrying out the whole process in-house even today.
Our encounter with the traditional brewery 'Nabedana'
The high Sake brewing skill of the Touji is essential for making Sake, along with ingredients (water, rice, kouji, and yeast) cultivated in Japanese climate. Though Japanese Sake breweries are in decline due to a lack of successors. 'Nabedana' is a traditional brewery with a 300 year history since Genroku 2nd (1689 in the Edo period), and they continue to uphold the tradition of Sake brewing to this day. They have a headquarters in historic Narita city, Chiba, a brewery in Katori city, and they develop Sake brands such as 'Jinyu (affection and braveness)' and 'Fudo (steadfastness).' After receiving support for the idea to use traditional 'kouji' in modern beauty products, we work in cooperation to offer natural kouji and Sake / Sake lees produced when brewing the Nabedana brand 'Jinyu.' Kouji Hime blends a unique extract of kouji essence from the kouji used for making Sake at traditional brewery 'Nabedana.'

After the hard days, shea & nature plus allay your fatigue with gentle body care. Contains selected high quality organic shea butter and you can use items for delicate or kids' skin. Like taking care of what you eat, you can take care of what you put on your skin with shea & nature plus.

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It is quite easy to be beautiful with JOURMOÉ. Chic, high quality but handy. You do not need any technique. The easiest way to be beautiful.

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For the ladies who manage busy days and have no time for herself, magic on fingertips. The more times manicure on your nails, the more beautiful you become. You feel self-confident from tomorrow.

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